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I just got my acceptance letter. I'm going to be working:

July 1 - 6 - Teen counselor
July 8 - 13 - Adult counselor
July 15 - 20 - Teen counselor
July 22 - 27 - Teen counselor
July 29 - August 3 - Adult counselor

I'm a little worried about the work load. From what I see on the website, our volunteer schedule goes from 8am to 10pm with only an hour break during the day. Is that how it really is?

Its going to be exhausting, but I think it'll be fun.
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Protection Wings Charity Site

I wanted to share my new website Protection Wings
with everyone. The mission of the site is to inspire, enlighten and increase awareness
of various afflictions which people suffer from, while raising money for the causes. Each painting of a protector is inspired, by real life individuals who have suffered from various afflictions including breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease. I hope you will be blessed from this new site. Please also share it with others so that we can celebrate life, beauty and joy.
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Winter Sessions

Hey All,

There hasnt been much actvity in here, so I figured I would post.

Is anyone doing any of the winter sessions? If so which one? I have sent in my applications and hopefully should be hearing back from them soon.

Also I am putting together a CD of songs that remind us of Camp Sunshine. Let me know what your favorite songs are and what reminds you.

Hope to see some activity in here soon.
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Need some help

Its 4 am and we are getting ready to go to the hospital (or the spa as we lovingly refer to it) for the last time. This time Mel is going to get her bone marrow transplant She'll be in Egelston Childrens hospital for about a month or so and then move to Atlanta Medical center for about a month or so. After that she gets to come home which should be some time in October assuming nothing unexpected happens. After that she basically can't leave the house until January. Actually its not that she can't leave the house she just can't be around other people until then.

For the people who are reading this for the first time my daughter Melissa has leukemia and is in treatment for it.

One of the things she really enjoys is getting cards from as many people as possible her goal is to get something from every state in the united states and as many foreign countries as possible. I'm listing below where we have already gotten cards from but just because we've already gotten a card from where you live please don't let that stop you from sending another one. The more she gets helps to keep her spirits up.

So that being said these are the states we need a card from: Connecticut, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Thats only five states so if your reading this and you live in one of those states please send a card. Once we get a card from those five states we will have one from every state.

These are the foreign countries we HAVE gotten cards from but we have would love to get More :)

Hong Kong

All I can say is please please please send more cards. Melissa is in for a long haul and the more cards she can get will help her keep her spirits up and get through this that much better.

The best place cards can be sent to is:

Melissa Cali
95 W Forest Dr.
Covington GA, 30016

Thank you all for your help, and feel free to post this in any place you think that it may get out to more people, the more people who see this the better.
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So I havent seen a lot of talk going on in this community so I decided to post something. Each of you out there I want you to make a post talking about the summer, your hopes of camp, when you will be going to camp, and what you are looking forward to the most.

I myself am unable to devoute a week to camp, do to work, and family weddings, I unfortunatly cant take time off from work. I will be up there the renal week to visit my girl Gabby and her whole family. They have been my family for four years now and love them to death. I will also be up to visit during Lupus week, to see Dani and who knows who else will be there that week. I will also try and do a week in the fall. I miss camp so much.

Who has already been there and what was your expierance like. Lets put some activity into this community.:-)

Hope that everyone is doing well.


Movin' on up

Hooray! I'm moving to Boston! I got a job, now all I need to do is find a place... so my question is, does anyone know of a room to rent in the Brighton/Brookline area? I'd love a heads up... looking at June 1st. Can't wait to be back East again...
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Hi We haven't actually been to campsunshine yet although we will be goin next tuesday here in georgia. I have a favor to ask of any one who is reading this. My daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is currently undergoing treatment at egelston childrens hospital in atlanta. She has a goal to get a get well card from all 50 states and as many countries as possible. I would greatly apreciate any one sending her a card, the address is:

Melissa Cali
95 W Forest Dr.
Covington GA 30016

Thank you all very much. My name is Joe Cali and I'm her father.

Mysterious song apperances

So I'm sitting at my favorite restaurant in Spokane, Washington (where I live for right now) with some friends, background music ranges from great 80's stuff to "jenny from the block." Suddenly I hear the first few bars of... Hands Up! I've never heard it before anywhere but camp, and this was an especially hokey recording, but I was cracking up. SO hard not to do the dance at the table, and my friends thought I was awfully strange singing along... had to share with those who get it.

Have you ever checked out the lyrics?

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hey everyone...

i'm nicola...i've been volunteering at camp since 2001...have been there 8 or 9 sessions i think...some of you may know me...i'm the one from scotland....

i don't have a "favourite" camp memory...all of them are special...but one that sticks out is oncology session sometime in the summer of was during the nightline teens were fantastic...if you've seen the nightline show and hear them singing their own version of survivor, then i co-wrote that song...that whole week was just splendid...and i turned 21 as well...the kids sent me off to ask something at the front desk and then when i got back there was a HUGE chocolate birthday cake waiting for was keith's in the kitchen's birthday as well so he was in a good mood and gave us a ton of ice cream and sugary stuff as well...sugar high straight before dinner...wonderful...and just the conversations i had with the group and my other counselors that week were utterly fantastic...

but so so so many other fantastic memories from different years and different session....

i still talk to some of the kids from my groups over the years..its fun to hear what they've been doing and how things are and what they're up to now....

and i've been blessed by meeting some of my best friends at camp...y'all know who you are...

"feels like home to me, feels like home to me, feels like i'm all the way back where i belong"

anyways....hope everyone is well...keep shining
peace out
nicola xxx
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